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Sock PuppeTyr

Project Time

200 Hours

Competed in

HRX Cosplay Contest 2016



Photo by David Leo (Leo Photography)

"Tyr...annnnddd MANNY."

Sock PuppeTyr was my first entry into the HRX Cosplay Content, 2016 being my first year competing. The armor was made all from EVA foam. It was important to me to have Manny as a feature part of this costume, and for him to be removable to reveal Tyr's bandaged arm. This costume was so well-received and I had a blast watching HRX attendees ask for a photo, and then get to pull Manny off to hold him. The look on people's faces when they find that extra effort you put into your costume is priceless.

All photos are by and courtesy of David Leo (Leo Photography)

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