Mercy - Wings Part 2 (plus torso/armor)

March 17, 2017

Short update, I have the base of Mercy's torso armor done, double-layered worbla + eyelets for details.


First I printed out the breast piece to-scale to my body.  


One thing I've noticed when creating a character with unrealistic proportions (long legs especially) is that you have to alter certain pieces in order to achieve this unrealistic look.  Create an illusion, ya know?  So I overlaid Mercy's full body image onto a full body photo of myself to see where the chest piece would sit and stop on my body in order to give the appearance of longer legs.  This will be easier with Mercy than with other characters as she has the skirt panels in the front and back which hide the crotch point: the giver-away of leg length.  For me, the chest piece stopped right around my bladder area, between my crotch and bellybutton.


I added some paper to add onto the print out of the torso template to give extra material for wrapping around.  I used a dress-form to get the basic shape of the piece and then did a lot of hand forming trying to push out the breast area where it connects in the middle rather than looking like two completely separate breast areas.


Because of the odd proportions of Mercy's body (or rather the odd proportions of my body) the chest piece is slightly different in shape but I think that it will look best with my body in the end rather than if I try to exactly copy and change the placement of certain angles on her armor.


I also used a large plastic half-ornament to flare out the sides of the breasts a bit more to fit my own as the dress-forms were smaller.  I still have a little cleaning up to do around the breast area to smooth it out a bit but other than that it's basically done for now.


Just a note, for the eyelet details I only used the most flat side of the eyelet so that it doesn't go all the way through.  In my perspective of the reference images it doesn't look like they are holes, rather just circular detailing.


I finally got to Joann Fabrics to get eyelets and side paneling fabric, I invested in Cosplay Fabric's stuff and boy am I excited, I only got half yards of each as they are quite costly, but also had a ton of coupons so I made out like a bandit.  The carbon fiber fabric has to be one of my favorites from their line...I could touch it all day.


I redid the template for the wing blades (as I'm calling them from now on) and fixed a few things that I thought were contributing to them being a little more flimsy.


I had purchased three different thicknesses of PETG plastic, none of which worked alone.  Wanting to keep the lightweight factor I think I've decided on the thinnest sheets I have (.02") and will use something to stiffen it up (will make another post on that once the materials come in).  I hope to have one set of wing blades done this weekend so that we can start testing the mechanics and see if what we've got is going to be able to lift it with ease.  This is why the wing blades being so lightweight is SO important...I want this junk to POP.


The last image is a photo of my computer screen of the two swatches I ordered in a performance Lycra for Mercy's leggings (Mist skin).  One is slightly more blue and the other is more black/grey.  They should be here in a few weeks, excited to see!  Once I settle on a design I'll provide a link to the fabric company so that you can order the design in whatever fabric you need if you're interested!


That's all for now, I've done a little work on figuring out how to fur Hanzo's wolf head but it's going to be a lot of work.  Yarn furring ain't no joke.


May spend Saturday starting on Hanzo's bow.  


Thanks for reading!

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