Mercy - Wings Part 1

February 21, 2017

I am going to try my best to keep blogging regularly on this costume as I progress, I'm also trying to video document to create a video doc of this costume once it's complete.


A few weeks ago I sat down with my dad to discuss ideas for how to make Mercy's wings not only articulated, but mechanical to open and close. We have a few ideas in mind but that will come a bit later, for now I am beginning construction on some of the main pieces.


So if you look in the Hero Gallery at Mercy's character model and give her a spin, you can see that her wings are incredibly thin, which may end up being one of those things that you have to alter in order to support the other components in play.  For instance, depending on how light and sturdy of a material I can find to be the translucent portion of the lit-up wings, I may have to double up on some of the foam or even throw some Worbla into the mix in order to bare the weight of the translucent material.

So focusing on the top pieces first, I grabbed the 4mm foam I ordered from TNT Cosplay and was pleasantly surprised at how perfect the thickness was.  It seems maybe a hair thicker than Mercy's actual wings are, but I feel in person it will be the perfect thickness to give it a bit more of a heavy duty look.


I took the wing pieces from the template I made and printed (to check scale) and cut out the piece I needed for the top-most part of the wing.


To achieve the right pattern for this I looked at the references for how much extra space would be needed at the top/middle and added that in between mirrored pieces on newspaper. I added some space at the bottom where the pieces separate knowing that this would need a little extra room to accommodate the translation from the flat pattern and also kept in mind that this would have to be glued together to achieve that nice curve in the piece.


So I traced my newly created pattern onto the 4mm foam and cut it out with a blade/box cutter.  Then I took it out to the garage and put on two layers of Barge cement where the two pieces would need to connect at the curve.


Here are images of the piece right after connecting them.

...and after using the heat gun to thin it out a bit (I will probably go back and do this a few times to get it even thinner, it may be that I need some galvanized wire to hold the shape of some of these pieces).


Flip through the gallery below to see the different angles of the glued and heat manipulated piece.




Extremely pleased with the weight and outcome of such little time and effort on this so far, I look forward to putting more time into this!  Hopefully our plans for mechanizing the wings will work perfectly, I really want this dream in my head to come to life!




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February 21, 2017

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