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Celestial Guard Skin

Project Time

250 Hours

Competed in

HRX Cosplay Contest 2019




10 years, 10 weeks and a 10-foot prop.


Odin was a very ambitious build for the time I had to create it. Hi-Rez Expo used to take place in January giving me about four months after Dragon*con to create a costume in time for the HRX Cosplay Contest. After partnering with Dreamhack for a few years, HRX was moved to November, greatly reducing the amount of time I had to build.

Something possessed me and I finally decided to create this Odin that I'd had my eye on for a while. I just had to make it a reality. I put my nose to the grindstone and spent nearly every spare minute I had in the short 10 week period busting out what may be one of my most ambitious builds to date.

It's very important to me to get everything as close to 1:1 scale from the in-game models as possible and this was no exception. In 10 years of crafting, the 10-foot spear was the largest prop I've made.

All photos of this costume are by and courtesy of Hi-Rez Studios


The spear is made from EVA foam and PVC pipe with fittings that allow it to be broken down into three separate pieces for easier travel. There are removable pieces attached by velcro to allow for access to the LEDs within the prop.

I tried to make this 10 foot prop as light as possible, my husband who wore it and modeled it for me in the contest was able to carry it the entire afternoon without complaint!

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