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Diablo III


Reaper of Souls

Project Time

600+ Hours

Competed in

Dragon*con Cosplay Contest



Best in



"No one can stop death..."

Malthael was absolutely a love-at-first-sight costume for me.  When the trailer was released for Reaper of Souls I immediately began preparation and planning for this build. The armor is made using the "sandwich" method of 2mm foam and Worbla. The hood was free-hand embroidered on a sewing machine.

Yes, my husband is gigantic and everyone kept asking if he was on stilts. He is so intimidating in this costume and I love it.

All photos of this costume are by and courtesy of Photos-NXS

Diablo Reaper 2014-84+ (1).jpg

Malthael's weapons were very hard and took me three attempts to get them the right size, shape and material.

Eventually I made an EVA foam structure, shaped and sanded that and then covered it in worbla, later adding hot glue and worbla details.


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