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Blade & Soul

Lyn Summoner

Spirit of Bamboo Outfit


Watch your tail!


When the photos of this costume were taken at Momocon in Atlanta by Photos-NXS, he couldn't help but encourage me one step past taking photos by the fountains and something possessed me to get in...he convinced me the photos would be great and he did not disappoint!  Thankfully I did not step on anything in the very murky water...I do not recommend doing this and I probably wouldn't in the future again.  But I absolutely love how the photos look!

All photos of this costume are by and courtesy of Photos-NXS


Emerald & Gold Dual Fantasy Dupioni

A now-discontinued fabric from Yaya Han Cosplay Fabrics, the Emerald/Gold Dual Fantasy Dupioni was such a beautiful fabric to work with and I'm so glad I found it! While it didn't perfectly reflect the in-game references I took some creative liberty to use this fabric and was glad, I believe in the end the effect turned out nicely.

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