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Hou Yi

Default Skin

Project Time

150 Hours

Competed in

HRX Cosplay Contest 2017



Seraphcosplay_3 (1).jpg

"My arrows always find their mark."

Hou Yi, like all SMITE designs was one that as soon as I saw it something struck me and I just had to make it! I loved all of the feathers and the color palette. The bow was definitely challenging but super fun and I think my husband pulled it off quite nicely.  The bow is now a permanent part of the SMITE set at Hi-Rez Studios so if you take a tour you might see it along with Manny (Sock PuppeTyr), Vanquisher Nemesis, Celestial Guard Odin and Bellona's sword!

All photos of this costume are by and courtesy of David McClone

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