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Borderlands 2

Tiny Tina

and Mushy Snugglebites

Project Time

150 Hours

Competed in

MegaCon Cosplay Contest 2014

Megacon 2014 Friday-68_pp+.jpg

"Ten... Nine......I got bored."

When Borderlands 2 came out my husband and I played it non-stop for a while. Like many people I loved how insane Tiny Tina was and loved her design as well. I wanted to attempt the unique in-game style that has more commonly become referred to as "cel-shading" and had a blast making this costume...see what I did there?

All photos of this costume are by and courtesy of Photos-NXS

Megacon 2014 Friday-61+ (1).jpg

Mushy Snugglebites and her Badonkadonk were a big appeal to me with this costume. I love big props, in case you didn't know.

This prop really helped bring attention to and accessorize my costume.

I got a really great responses from everyone, and lots of people asking which sexy lady I was carrying...Felicia or Mushy?


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